About US

Our Mission

Help individuals and businesses create beautiful images that align with their stories while showcasing their personalities, visions, and intentions.

Our Measure Is Your Satisfaction

We are always improving our skills and expanding our scope of work to include new opportunities. Typical services include fitness, travel, and wellness consultation for new and existing clients. Please contact us with your ideas and interests if you don’t find them listed here. 

Our Vision

As creators, we are aware of the challenges that can arise during a session as we have also faced them in our journey.   As such, our mission is to provide an environment where all creators andartists, regardless of their experience, can expand their knowledge as well as their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

At Shoot Me Now Headquarters, we designed our space with photographers and videographers in mind. The studio is equipped for small productions with versatility in set designs and lighting manipulations. With vaulted ceilings, large windows on both sides, there is ample natural light during the day for a soft look. Or the vast array of strobes and soft boxes can be used to bend light to your will and create something special.

Competitive Pricing

We have worked hard to bring you the best value at the best service at a competitive price, which is a hard balance to find and maintain. For us, value is much more than price… it is a commitment to service, responsiveness, experience and a genuine interest in helping you bring your vision to reality and not just sales. What we are offering is better service and a better determination of what you really need. Just remember what we believe passionately… “Nothing is expensive when it’s worth what you pay for it.”

Features of Our Products