Daniel Loiselle

For freaks like us, friends are few and far between.  Not the ones on Facebook or Instagram, or the cool kids you party with at the club.  I mean real friends, the ones that “get you,” the ones that understand you and who you really are. They don’t give a fuck about your flaws. They love you for who you are and who you are trying to be, not for what others label you as.

That was the true beauty behind his art; he understood that even though humans tend to have similar physical traits and attributes, each one of us is infinitely unique inside. His genius was his ability to hand craft pieces and collections that reflected the varying diversity in personalities amongst his fans. If he didn’t have something in stock that spoke to you, he could create a custom design that catered to your particular mood or characteristics. “Shopping” at his studio was more like going for drinks with the coolest guidance counselor ever. Even if you didn’t buy anything, you always left La Freek Shop feeling better about yourself.

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Daniel Loiselle was more than a sponsor or a business partner, he was one of my best friends. His Jewelry Boutique, “La Freek Shop” was more than a “place of business” for me and SMN.  It was our home away from home, and its doors were always open to use no matter the day, or the hour. People like Dan are pretty much the reason why I became an artist.  His ability to inspire people as much as he irritated them was one of the qualities I loved the most about him. His passing has left a big hole in my heart. Our trips to Montreal will never be the same. My only hope is that I inspire others a fraction of the way he inspired me.

 R.I.P. Mon Ami.

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