LOVE INK UPDATE | An Alternative Apology….

Its been such a crazy couple of months we haven’t been able to keep up with any of our content. We owe some of our main models huge apologies and big hugs for not promoting them properly this year. To make up for it we are introducing a new series of SMN Wall Posters for those of you who didn’t get to order the calendar early enough. Click the pics and collect them all.


VISHA LOO                              LIL-DEE                       BROOKLYN LUSH                              TALYN


                LARA WISH                                                            CATTLEYA | BC Babes Cross Over

Collectors still interested in SMN’s 2016 Love Ink Calendar can order it here at reduced price.



THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting our Love Ink Series. We haven’t had the chance to promote it properly, but the Love keeps growing. We want to send some love back. Who Loves Ink?? Take a Selfie of yourself and your favourite page in the calendar, post it on this page in the comments. Next week will pick one and send a brand new wall poster out to one lucky winner.


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