LIZ FLOWERS | SMN’s Miss May 2017

The Award for “Most Challenging Shoot” of 2016 went to Liz Flowers for her Contest and Calendar shoot in Kelowna last summer. She was a last minute entry, literally. She stopped by Sloan’s house in the morning of the shoot to drop off clothes she had borrowed for a shoot earlier that week. She had to work later that day and was not prepared, but since we had a couple cancellations we couldn’t help but beg her to shoot.  Sloan was halfway through hair and make-up, bikinis and one-pieces were scattered about her bedroom, the sun was shining…needless to say it wasn’t hard to twist her rubber arm.

Sloan took us to Millcreek Park but it took us longer than we thought to get to the location than expected and when we finally found the perfect spot we realized we were short on time. Liz being the trooper that she is, didn’t hesitate to strip down and jump into the water. It wasn’t deep but it was surprisingly cold, and the current was strong. Liz did great.But the photographer (Domonik) almost bailed a couple times, camera and all.

There wasn’t a lot of time for them to work on specific poses, the cold water made it hard to stay submerged and the noise from the water fall made it impossible for them to hear one another. Since she couldn’t hear Dom over the sound of the falls, she just had to find a spot where she hold her balance without falling, switch up her poses quickly and hope he got his shots.  A lot of “thumbs up” and “one more time” gestures. In total they shot for less than 30 minutes with 3 breaks to change outfits and warm up. A few of the models had challenging shoot conditions, but there were other technical challenges that we won’t get into…we don’t want to geek out on anyone or anything…but any photographers who shoot outside will understand the difficulties involved in working with scattered lighting and/or shooting rapidly while standing barefoot on a slippery rock-bed in freezing rapids, with water splashing everywhere…you try getting your shot while clinging to your camera and struggling to hold your balance in a strong, cold current…

Let’s just leave it at Liz Win’s….. 😉

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