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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Magazine this year, and the answer is yes, Volume 6 is still coming out. The release date will be December 31st to keep it consistent with our annual concept. For those who have not sent in their content, the Submission Deadline for Volume 6 is December 21st.

We have had a lot of complaints about our process, but its supposed to make everything more fun, not more stressful. The current state of the print industry is in a tough place these days. Publication are doing what ever they can to stay alive in a new world. But in the pursuit of survival it feels to us like more and more publications are becoming too random in their content.

Magazines used to be about something. Each issue used to be a mini chapter in an on-going series with a point, wether it was superficial or political, religious or commercial, at least it had a theme or story of some kind. SMN still has a long way to go, but we have our little Canadian Entertainment/Culture concept that suits us and our loyal fans. We are still small and pretty indie, so of course our concept will grow and change but we’d like to see it evolve with purpose….if possible….any way….rules are rules….suck it up.


Deadline for SMN.V6 is December 21st | send content to

We accept and consider any submission from an SMN Model or featured Artist. However, we were raised on old school fairy tales as kids and today we are still fig fans of the “breadcrumb-trail” approach. In other words, all submissions must contain at least one SMN Model or Artist. Once featured by SMN, you qualify as an SMN Model or Artist and are able to submit any of your content to issues in the future.

1 – To qualify as an SMN Model you need to have been previously published in SMN Magazine, Calendars, or Contests. If you have applied to AND attended SMN Auditions such as The Official Swimsuit Calendar or The Love Ink Calendar, you also Qualify to Submit content to the Magazine.

2 – SMN ARTISTS includes Photographers, Stylists (hair & make-up), Designers, DJs & Musicians. We also feature abstract artists in various mediums and genres. However, the same concept applies to you. To qualify you must be previously featured in SMN or have fresh content featuring a current SMN Model or Artist.

3 – PHOTO-BOOTH-TABOO | We always accept content from faithful fans, aspiring models and fellow photographers who show their support by buying our magazines and calendars at the booth (and in stores.) If you are a model or artist who has stopped by The SMN Photo Booth in the past you qualify to submit content. *see fan love contest below

4 – Still don’t know if you qualify? SHOOT ME NOW and various versions of The SMN Team have been around in Canada since 2006. We have covered more events and shot more models and artists than we can count. If you are not sure if you qualify or not, don’t hesitate to drop a us a comment or send us an email to

5 – THEMES – We are currently accepting content submissions in Canadian Fashion, Glamour, Music, Fitness, Travel, & Alternative genres like Burlesque, Tattoo & Fetish Culture. For more specific submission info don’t hesitate to drop a us a comment or send us an email to

*For those who have not sent their content, the Submission Deadline for Volume 6 is December 21st.



If you’ve never heard of us there is only one way to find out what we’re about. Order an issue and check us out. Since you’ve taken the time to read through all of this, we decided to include you in a special submission promo, available on this page only and till December 21st we will run our MagCal-Combo for $19,99 with FREE Shipping in Canada & US. Pick an Issue of SMN Magazine and we’ll throw in a copy of the New 2017 Swimsuit Calendar, 2 Wall Posters and a handful of Stickers


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We want to spread some Fan Love. For the rest of the year SMN will be giving away sweet new swag every week here off the website and off our FANPAGE.

If you are a fan of SMN, we want to know who you are. Take Selfies and Pics of you and your friends with SMN Magazines. Calendars or other Merch. Post selfies with your favourite SMN Models or Artists in the comments below and Win a Free Swag. We’ll choose 3 lucky winners on December 21st.


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