A lot of companies claim to be “involved in their community,” but very few actually get their hands dirty trying to make a difference in the lives of those around them.  Heroes and Villains is more than a tattoo parlor, it’s more like a pseudo fight club for tattooed freaks and modified misfits. They stay active in the community, always endorsing safe practices, self awareness and self satisfaction as well as bad-ass tattoos, the latest in body modification, and they are pretty much the group that introduced Calgary and Alberta to Hook Suspension.

They travel around the world regularly, doing suspension shows and seminars to promote their culture and their passion.  Over the years they have gotten very involved with local health and government officials to help them understand suspension and body modification, and in the hopes of helping set safe, yet reasonable standards and regulations on the industry.

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Check out our intro feature on Heroes and Villains in Volume 4 of SMN Magazine, and stay tuned for our follow up feature on Asteroid Tattoo and their Suspension Parties.


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Order SMN Volume 5 for our intro on Hook Suspension featuring Danailya Dharma.  Stay tuned for our full feature on Suspension Culture.

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