I am addicted to beauty.

Life can get crazy in the pursuit of love.

Chasing your dreams can be ugly at times.

A life full of models, fashion and music is all we ever wanted. What led me to this project, and what brings the SMN Team together is a love of beauty, fashion, music, and the print industry. We are a group of old dogs who grew up in an era of books and magazines. But the past few years we have had blinders on. We have been chasing our dreams and pursuing our passions without pause. We were oblivious to how fast the world around was changing. We were foolish. We made many mistakes. We embraced our passion too much. We hugged too hard and hurt people we care about, pushing them away at times. We smothered our love and almost killed our dreams.

Love is complicated. It can bring you to do beautiful and brave deeds and it can drive you to do cruel and crazy shit, sometimes in the same week. Whether you love a woman, a man, an animal or an automobile love will make you do things you never thought possible or that you swore you never would do. Why is that?

We were so focused on catching up to industry standards and achieving success in the eyes of others that we couldn’t see what was right in front of us. We already had everything we had spent our life dreaming about. Instead of worrying about gaining acceptance among our peers and critics, we should have been focusing on having fun and enjoying the company of the people who were around us.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been having our share of fun, but it has come hand in hand with excess stress that was not needed. Instead of digging our heels in and resisting the new world, we need to embrace it and ride the wave. Print is not dying, it is changing. It is becoming more timeless, and magazines are evolving into collectors editions portraying art and timeless discussions. We need to evolve in our pursuit of life, love and beauty or it will drift away, leaving us alone in a dark and cold world.

I did not sign on to get rich and famous. I knew this was a passion project from day one. But every year I’ve watched the project get bigger and felt the passion grow. But in my last Intro for Volume 5, I almost wrote myself out of a job. I was going through a mid-life crisis, going through serious doubts about my life and my future. I wanted other artists in our audience to take a second look at their own lives and make sure they were ready for the long game. I did not mean to kick my own life crises into overdrive. I almost convinced my self to give up and pack it in. But for myself and the rest of our team, it is too late to turn back. We made our bed….and we have to sleep in it. Good thing ours is full of bikini babes and bad ass musicians…. 😉

Seriously though, I think everyone will agree 2016 was a shitty year, full of hard choices and difficult decisions. The Calendar is still going strong. And we have you, our fans to thank for that. We have not been able to secure paid advertising for a couple years now, yet the Calendar continues to grow from sales and the support of our loyal fans. But The Magazine has been taking some hits over the past couple years. We’re not giving up on the magazine, and we hope you don’t give up on us. We’re joining the flock of online magazines and Volume 6 is the first in a new format for SMN.

This issue features the best of 2016. Stay tuned for 4 new issues coming in 2017. Yeah thats right…we might be a real magazine soon…let us know what you think.

Justin Somers | SMN




— Volume 6 features the best of 2016’s Swimsuit Summer Series with more hot shots of our new models.

— NEW Travel, Fitness and Fashion Features.

— We are brought back our Lens Candy section and featuring four gorgeous girls of glamour.

— Don’t miss interviews with Polina Bolshakova and Coffee Talk with Paige Hudson.

— In Music, we catch up with folk singer Jon Bryant, and Mexican Rock Stars EL TRI.

— The issue wraps up with a small tribute to freeks around the world; a hello to new friend and creative artist (Albert Freek), and a good-bye to an old friend and deviant genius Daniel Loiselle (Freek Art.)

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