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Hands-down, one of our favourite models to work with. Originally an alternative/tattoo model who has been transitioning into the world of fitness.  The past few years have seen a lot of changes in the life of Lara. Follow her on Instagram @wish_fitness. If you are looking for a personal trainer, email her at

Check back for a full interview on Lara Wish.  For now, you’ll just have to settle for a little tease 😉


Name; Lara Wish

Age: 27

Height: 5'5 

Stats: Built like a Unicorn 

Nationality: Russian

SMN: Hi Lara!  Welcome back! I keep seeing you in SMN, how many times has it been….are you like, a model or something? But serioulsy though, how come we’ve never met, don’t you ever come to Edomonton?

LARA: Hey! Thanks for having me back! Yes you might have seen my mug floating around in the SMN magazines and I’ve been super lucky to be in both Love Ink calendars. It’s very unfortunate we haven’t had a chance to meet. I have nothing against Edmonton I just haven’t had any reason to head that way lately, but I’d love to do the whole fantasy hotel thing one day soon!! 

SMN: Of all the models we feature, I have to say you are one of the most diverse.  Your look changes so much. I want to dive into a real interview, but Dom has a new shoot in mind for you so we’re going to save it for the feature. Instead I hope you’ll settle for some fun facts for your fans…  



LARA: Yes, I seem to always be switching something or adding something to my body…my poor parents! I’m very interested and excited do the new shoot, Dom and I always have so much fun!!

SMN: I see some new ones since last year, how many tattooes do you have now?

LARA: oh god I hate this question, I don’t know how to count tattoos! Does a sleeve count as one? Or what about my old skool sailor jerry sleeve because those are individual pieces all put together hmmm ok I’m definitely over thinking this. Let’s say approximately 14ishhhh 

SMN: Which are new? How’s the..uh…parental portrait going….?  


LARA: whats new since the last calendar is my belly rocker …I think, the steering wheel on my foot that says “Hoes” (by best friend has her foot with the other half of the steering wheel that’s says “Boats”…it’s from the movie Step Bothers)……..and yes…. my infamous portrait of my parents. Ummmm it’s going a bit better. My mum has come to terms with it but my dad is still a little uhhh unhappy? that I didn’t get his permission. I thought it would be easier to ask for forgiveness instead of permission on that one but it turns out I just wear pants a lot when I’m hanging with the fam jam. Oops. There are also sometimes when you’re not being to “Saint like” that you maybe wish you didn’t have your parents faces on you hahaha. AWKWARD.   



SMN: How old were you when you got you first one?  Which one was it?

LARA: got my first tattoo when I was 18, I was my little sisters name on my wrist, it’s now covered up under my sleeve. 

SMN: Do you have a favourite one? If so, why?

LARA: I don’t have a favourite one. Believe it or not my tattoos do have a lot of meaning so it’s hard to pick one over the other. 

SMN: Do you plan on getting more? If so, what and when?

LARA: I find as I get older the tattoo pain gets worse so it’s hard imagining getting more. At the moment nothing planned but I always have ideas in my head so we shall see….


SMN: Why do you Love Ink?

LARA: Ink is a story, memory, art, unique and it’s just fun. And that’s what life’s supposed to be about, FUN. 

SMN: In your opinion, what’s the limit? On a guy how many is too many before they become unattractive, for example?

LARA: I think the limit on ink depends on the person. It’s all about what you want. I love all my tattoos and regret nothing but somedays I wish I could be a blank canvas for a day or to achieve a certain look. I’m happy with the amount I have, I might get the odd piece but I don’t think I’ll be adding another sleeve anytime soon. I would never say the amount of tattoos would make someone unattractive. If anything they just complement your style!

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Photos by Domonik

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