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We’re starting to receive good feedback on the new t-shirts & hoodies. We’ve decided we are going to try getting some of our shirts into stores, but we need your help. Which one should we try first? We can only afford to print one design at a time in bulk. Which of our designs do you like the best? Comment on your favourites and share them with your friends. We are still new to t-shirt design, give us your thoughts. Who do you love the most? Which of our models or designs would you wear in the street?

*Support your Favourite Models! Our Top Two Featured Models win a Paid Contract with SMN Apparel and get to be our first two designs developed in bulk and sold in stores across Canada.


The Talyn Take-Over | Talyn Stone

Team Taryn | Taryn Maria

Sweet Jesus, Shoot Me Now | Linley Mussett


No Sleep Till Brooklyn | Brooklyn Lush

Life’s a Beach | Liz Flowers

Make Art, Not War | Lara Wish

Shoot Models, Not People | Fruszina Drentye

Broken to Perfection | Nichole Scott

Gangster Girl | Ashley Noel

Fuck Fashion | I Look Better Naked



If you are one of the awesome fans who bought from our first couple collections when we were only able to offer designs on white shirts, now’s your chance to win a FREE T-SHIRT.  Take selfies of you or your friends in our shirts. Post them in the Facebook Comment Section Below. Over the next two weeks we will be choosing 2 Fans from the comment section to win FREE SWAG.

Thank you for stopping by! Let us know what you think?

Who is your favourite model?


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