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SMN – How long have you been modelling? What was your first shoot like?

SAVANA – 4 years.  I went to Victoria Composite High which is an arts school. I had some friends in photography who wanted to use me for projects. As I started posting those photos online I got more & more response from professional photographers in Edmonton. My first serious shoot was with Kelly Rosborough. 

SMN – What genres of modelling interest you?

SAVANA – Fashion, glamour, bikini, editorial, cosplay.  I honestly have a very open mind so I like to keep all genres open because it challenges you to try new roles. 

SMN – If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite shoot?

SAVANA – I think it would be a shoot in Australia, it was glamour. Photographer: Manish Bolla (MK Creativity Imagery)  MUA: Valentina Chang & Stylist: Jane Maringka

SMN – If you could do a shoot with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, who would it be with and where would it be?

SAVANA – Steven Meisel in New York & it would be abstract fashion.

SMN – What about mistakes, do you make mistakes?

SAVANA – Everyone makes mistake, it helps you grow as a person.

SMN – Have you made any mistakes on set or in the course of your career that you can warn others about?

SAVANA – I missed a shoot in my start up years. That photographer & MUA were not impressed & I’m sure it affected my castings for about a month after. Don’t miss shoots!

SMN – What’s your biggest blooper on set?

SAVANA – I’m mostly a joker so sometimes I am a little clumsy but I just consider it part of the fun of shooting.

SMN – What would you say your biggest mistake in life has been so far? 

SAVANA – I didn’t take high school very seriously & had a bit too much fun after. I wish I would have been a little more disiplined in school, modelling & acting.

SMN – What was the outcome and what did you learn from it?

SAVANA – It has just token me a bit more time to be where I want to be. I learned yu need a healthy balance of social & business in life.

SMN – Do you have any “Favourite Mistakes” you care to share?

SAVANA – I lost my passport in Vancouver airport after coming home from Australia. I had no other ID so I had to stay at a friend’s & greyhound home! It was extremely stressful but a funny story & technically it just made my vacation longer.


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