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SMN – How long have you been modelling?

NATALIE – I started modelling about a month before I turned 18 back in 2012, although I started professionally modelling in March 2013 when I started to compete in Playboy’s Miss Social, a non-nude online competition held by Playboy. I modelled until August 2014 when I got pregnant with my daughter and from that point I only modelled part-time. I came back full-time in December 2016 to make a great 2017 comeback.

SMN – When/How did you get into it? What was your first shoot like?

NATALIE – Modelling has always been one of my ideal career paths and I took action when I was 17 applying to simple casting calls. I remember one of my first shoots was for a college student, Lucinda Mnaymneh, for an assignment in one of her classes. She made me feel so comfortable and empowered behind the camera, I will never forget it. I loved playing dress up as a child and getting my photo taken so this was definitely something that came naturally to me. I was easy to direct and was able to be creative with my own poses in front of the lens. And bonus, the photos turned out great!

 SMN – What genres of modelling interest you?

NATALIE – In all honesty, all parts of modelling have interested me. I have tried my best to get into all aspects of the industry because I want as many experiences as possible. There are a few genres I still have yet to try, like runway, its hard to find designers to work for when you are 5’3, and an inked model. But I’ve always wanted to walk down a runway, and there is always time to show the world who you want to be…. 🙂 🙂

 SMN – If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite shoot, and who was it with?

NATALIE – Back in December 2013 (my birthday month) I won the monthly title of Playboy’s Miss Social and was flown to California in March 2014. To this date, my shoot with Playboy has been my favourite. Not just for the shoot itself but the whole trip in general! I met so many wonderful people for that shoot and will cherish that memory forever. It was a summer-time theme so one-piece swimsuits and hats, and being Playboy, they had all the bells and whistles! I had a makeup artist, hair stylist (who actually gave me some great hair pointers!), clothing stylist and photographer. Unfortunately, I don’t remember everyone’s names who were involved but the photographer was the amazing Adam Rindy! I also got a tour of Playboy headquarters and the mansion grounds afterwards which was an unfor- gettable experience!

 SMN – If you could do a shoot with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, who would it be with and where would it be? 

NATALIE – I don’t have anyone in particular that I want to shoot with, or location in general, really. It would be incredible to be able to travel all over Canada, and around the world to shoot in some of the most exotic and hidden destinations,whether it be for a random shoot, a company, a clothing brand, or anything else. I’d love to shoot with as many photographers as possible to create some of the most beautiful content people have ever seen. I want to show the world that tattooed women can become mainstream too, without all the discrimination and judgement on the tattooed society.

 SMN – What about mistakes, do you make mistakes?

NATALIE – Life is for living. Whatever “mistakes” were made, made me the person I am today and I would never change who I am, only to grow to become a better me.

 SMN – Have you made any mistakes on set or in the course of your career that you can warn others about?

NATALIE – Personally, I don’t think I’ve made a mistake but there’s no telling what tomorrow holds. I would say do your homework on who you’ll be working with, always be confident and stand your ground, set your boundaries before you begin to shoot, and don’t be afraid to address a situation or leave if you’re uncomfortable!

 SMN – What’s your biggest blooper on set?

NATALIE – I would say that I can’t exactly hold in some laughs so there are quite a few shots of me in a sexy outfit and sexy pose, but with the biggest smile because I was laughing, or I ruined the shoot by hunching over. My biggest blooper would probably be my sense of humour because I can guarantee you that every photographer I’ve ever worked with have photos of either a funny face or mismatched expression/pose of me!

 SMN – What would you say your biggest mistake in life has been so far?

NATALIE – My mistake is not finishing high school. When I was about 15, I started to become ill and took some out-reach programs. With continuous testing and no answers, and still being ill, school was becoming so hard to a point I couldn’t go anymore. I started to get diagnosed when I was 17 and instead of going back to school, I started working because of family issues so I tried to provide for us. At this point, I’ve finished most of my schooling…but have yet to get my diploma. That’s something I’ll be finishing up quite soon!

 SMN – What was the outcome and what did you learn from it?

NATALIE – Thinking of mistakes or regrets keep you from moving on with your life and stuck in the past. Each mistake, there are always some pros and cons. The trick is to focus more on the positive from your mistake than the negative. That way it’s not a mistake, it’s a lesson. I got sick but started to get into film and modelling after getting diagnosed. And it’s pushed me to go back to school to finish. I would say if there’s a mistake that can be fixed, then use all your energy to try to fix it. But if not, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, so move on with your life and learn from it.

 SMN – Do you have any “Favourite Mistakes” you care to share? 

NATALIE – My favourite mistake was dating my ex boyfriend. It was an abusive rela-tionship, but the best thing to ever happen to me came out of it, my daughter. If I could go back to change anything, I wouldn’t because then I wouldn’t have the little girl I have today and be as strong-willed as I am.


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