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SMN – How long have you been modelling? What was your first shoot like?

KITTY – Hey there!!! After being forced into a pair of heeled leather boots, a button down fleece tshirt and a skateboard between my legs at the age of 16 by my best friend .. I honestly COULD NOT STOP, so it’s now been a lovely long term relationship of 7 freelance years with the art. 

I was dolled up by a girl friend, she put her boyfriends flannel on me , some sexy boots and set me up with a sick deck to sport in between my legs. YES YES!! I AM AWARE, this is risky for a 16 year old!! We were safe on all accounts I assure you. 😊Although throughout the whole experience she kept forgetting I was 16 … And had to keep reminding herself. I must’ve looked DAMN GOOD! 😉 …  and yea, then I essentially became her muse for all future projects! 

SMN – What genres of modelling interest you?

KITTY – I’ve weaved in and out of a few different styles of modelling over the years but I would have to say my favourites are probably: creative character modelling , comedic/ugly pretty, and high fashion.

SMN – If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite shoot?

KITTY – So I would have to say that one of my favourite photoshoots to date would have to be on Vancouver Island. It was my FIRST photoshoot there after I moved out of high school. … OH WAIT! TWO! Can I have two? 

The first one was, a gas mask , with a fur shrug ( implied top nudity), lace panties and some thigh high stay up stockings.. And then I’d have to say the one that rivals that would have to be me set up in a full black lace lingerie set with garter belt AND stockings!! MEEEYOOWWW!! With mouse ears on , posing on a wheel chair. And both of these shoots were done with the incredible Steve Lukinuk Photography!! He lets me do anything I please really when we work together.. 🙂 I was my OWN stylist and MUA for both of these shoots. I am pretty much always the primary stylist for all of my photo shoots. I love to be fully involved and be hands on as much as I can.

SMN – If you could do a shoot with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, who would it be with and where would it be? 

KITTY – It would be with either MOSH or Raquel Reed. In Japan. Latex or clothed Shibari . 

SMN – What about mistakes, do you make mistakes?

KITTY – EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES!! I mean .. My parents made me .. DIDNT THEY? 😛 Haha!! I’m joking, but yes OF COURSE! Tons! But its worth it because you do always make it out the other end with far better knowledge , perspective and understanding of yourself and the world around you.

SMN – Have you made any mistakes on set or in the course of your career that you can warn others about?

KITTY – I would have to say , just be very wary of whom you are working with… Talk to as many other people that have worked with them, never feel pressured to do anything you do not want to and always stand up for yourself.

SMN – What’s your biggest blooper on set?

KITTY – Probably almost eating it on a rusty spring shell mattress in a bog , fully decked out in a lingerie teddy and stilettos. 

SMN – What would you say your biggest mistake in life has been so far? 

KITTY – Not fully throwing myself into and indulging in my artistic endeavours more heavily and sooner.

SMN – What was the outcome and what did you learn from it?

KITTY – To go for what you want. Literally grab life by the balls and never look back. You only live until you die.

SMN – Do you have any “Favourite Mistakes”

KITTY – I think my favourite mistake.. Would have to be all of them. SO CLICHE. But for real, I’ve always lived with a forgive and forget mentality.. And as much as I do really hold onto things in the past the more i move forward I’ve come to realize that I do not regret these decisions. BBBUUTTT let me think… *tapsnose* .. Maybe the time I accidentally bleached my eyebrows off? XD Haha!!   And shout out to domonik, it was lovely working with you!!


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