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SMN – How long have you been modelling?

JUSTIN – I’d say that I really started modelling in 2011, for multiple designers participating in Western Canada Fashion Week. It was part time, then eventually my passion just took over my life in 2013-2015- it became full time. Since then, it’s been back and forth. It has expanding into so much; Not only do I model, but I am also a Model Instructor. I’ve been doing more international work as well, these are such amazing opportunities for growth.

SMN – How did you get into it?  What was your first shoot like? 

JUSTINA – It happened so quickly for me. I was literally performing a pedicure on one of my clients during my college year, at MC College in 2011. This beautiful, graceful lady walked by and when she got to me… She stopped and asked if I’ve ever modelled before, Runway in particular. I said no, but it’s definitely something I was working towards! I’ve always dreamt of it… She asked me to show up on a particular day at Western Canada Fashion Week, the fall/winter season. I didn’t even think twice- I was thrown into 4 different outfits, by 2 or 3 different designers. I didn’t even get names, it happened so fast, but was SUCH a great experience. From then on, I’ve dedicated a lot; including days, weeks, and months to modelling. It’s become a lifestyle more than anything. 

SMN – What genres of modelling interest you? 

JUSTINA – I am very versatile as a model. Although I’m known mostly for Runway, Fashion, Editorial, and Promotional work… I also have done commercial work, and have years of experience with artistic modelling. I find the beauty in everything, including implied/emotive art.  

SMN – If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite shoot?  

JUSTINA – It’s impossible for me to choose just one. I take a little bit from each project, from every experience. I’m very appreciative of all the collaborators involved in everything I do… I have done maybe 75% of the hair and makeup for the projects, it’s something I am certified in, and love to do. I sincerely love being able to express feelings and emotions, sell products or pieces, and just be in the moment.. With such creative and artistic people!

SMN – If you could do a shoot with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, who would it be with and where would it be? 

JUSTINA – I think this is a really hard question. Again, I’m finding it hard to made a choice… I just know it would be with someone fun and professional… Passionate about what they do and about the industry. I imagine warm sand, golden hour sunshine, rays.. I see rain too, light rain. Natural. Different emotions. 

SMN – What about mistakes, do you make mistakes?

JUSTINA  – Of course I’ve made mistakes. We all do, it’s part of how we learn and grow.. No shame there.

SMN – Have you made any mistakes on set or in the course of your career that you can warn others about?

JUSTINA – This is a tough question for me. I have a lot to say here, and I do love to help others. Throughout my years, I have learned a lot about communicating, safety, social media, networking, behaviour, etc. It’s important to be careful, be yourself, be understanding, and always be professional. Stick to your brand. 

SMN – What’s your biggest blooper on set?

JUSTINA  – I don’t know about biggest… I mean, I’ve fallen, I’ve laughed too much, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve forgotten names… but my funniest blooper would be… When I was on set, for this SMN submission to be honest… I really didn’t mean to FULLY pull the string on my bikini top… But it happened anyway! Surprise! It was such a funny moment, and I absolutely love that it was captured! These are my favourite types of images: the unposed/unaware/real emotive shots. 


SMN – What would you say your biggest mistake in life has been so far? 

JUSTINA – I really wouldn’t be able to name just one… I do believe that we are responsible for ourselves and must take care of our minds, bodies, and lives. Mistakes happen. 

SMN – What was the outcome and what did you learn from it?

JUSTINA – I’m always learning, and believe that I’ve become who I am because of the mistakes I’ve made. No matter what, we MUST have self love, and awareness of all kinds. 

SMN – Do you have any “Favourite Mistakes” you care to share? They don’t have to be of the romantic nature, then can be adventures with friends that took a wrong turn.

JUSTINA – I’ve been on a few International Model Workshops where things did not go as planned, at all. I actually made this mistake twice, International Workshops… I won’t let it happen again. Be very careful when traveling, especially as a model, for work or not.


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