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SMN – How long have you been modelling?

ADRIENNE – It’s been about a decade now.  Yes I’m old. But at least I don’t look my age.. I credit the Asian genes for that.. haha 

SMN – How did you get into it?  What was your first shoot like? 

ADRIENNE – I originally hired Mark Laurie, Master Photographer at Inner Spirit Photography to do a photo set that was a gift.  It certainly brought out my inner spirit and let it shine through photography.

SMN – What genres of modelling interest you?

ADRIENNE – I love fashion, runway, cosplay, digital art, glamour and swimwear.  It is a chance to express myself through playing dress up, and it feels empowering.

SMN – If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite shoot? 

ADRIENNE – My favourite shoot would be in an undisclosed location in Port Moody with Michael Legge, wearing designs by Beauty By Impairment, and co-models Talyn Stone and Sara Nguyen for our dark mermaids shoot.  Talyn did my hair with big blonde hair extension clips and it was absolutely wild!  The designer of Beauty By Impairment styled me, and I did my own basic makeup and Scott Hurr touched it up.   We accessed our location by boat, got dropped off, did our thing and radio’d the boat to pick us up again when we wrapped up.  “We are ready for pickup, over.” “Roger that.”

SMN – If you could do a shoot with anyone you wanted, anywhere you wanted, who would it be with and where would it be? 

ADRIENNE – I need to shoot with Melany Rowe’s designs in Paris, France.  I have already walked the runway for her twice at Western Canada Fashion Week and I have already traveled to Paris and toured the flagship store of Louis Vuitton on l’Avenue des Champs Élysées so it’s not that unrealistic of a goal.  Her designs are such elegant and glamorous bridal and evening gowns. All the French classes I took in my Canadian curriculum really came in handy, and my first name is en français!  It’s obviously meant to be, so it’s simply just a matter of time.

SMN – Have you made any mistakes on set or in the course of your career that you can warn others about?

ADRIENNE – No of course not, I’m perfect! Jk.  I’m pretty accident prone so it’s not uncommon for me to hurt myself, stumble, fall, make a fool of myself but then I usually just laugh it off and it’s all good. At least I’m not hurting anybody but myself!

SMN – What’s your biggest blooper on set?

ADRIENNE  – The worst is when you are shooting in a desert in the middle of nowhere with no cell service and you forgot your eye drops in the car. The wind picks up and blows sand in your eyes and you just simply have to blink it away. Should have just brought my purse instead of leaving it in the car in the parking lot before hiking into our location.  This happened just this labour day long weekend of 2017.  Clearly there’s no rest for the wicked and doing nothing simply doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. Lol 

SMN – What would you say your biggest mistake in life has been so far? 

ADRIENNE -Well everyone makes mistakes. We are all human after all.  As long as you learn from your mistakes, that’s all that matters. Personal growth and development are important key aspects to life.

SMN – What was the outcome and what did you learn from it?

ADRIENNE – I learned what not to do. Lol 

SMN – Do you have any “Favourite Mistakes” you care to share? 

ADRIENNE – Oh sure. I go on photo adventures with my photographer friends every chance I get.  Sometimes when we make a mistake by literally taking the wrong turn, the outcome is even better.  Like for example.. when we booked the wrong “Inn at the Quay” and had to location scout on the fly.  Just go with the flow and it’s all good.  Sometimes too much structure isn’t good because you need to be flexible and accommodating in life.  I hope that helps to answer that question!


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