SMN’s Sizzling Swimsuit Summer Series

Chapter 10 – My Favourite Mistake

Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. To error is human, or so they say. The important thing is to try and better yourself every day. Some mistakes can be life changing events, for bad or good. Others are meaningless mishaps that don’t really matter in the long run. We all make them in one way or another. The trick is to learn from them and try not to repeat the big ones.

Why are we talking about mistakes and life lessons? 

We’re talking about this because this winter has been a tough one for the team. We made some big booboos behind the scenes. We’ve never been good at the corporate or professional side of this industry. The world is moving so much faster than it used to. New competition is constantly coming out. New changes in technology change the game every year. It can be hard to keep up. You only get one shot to do something big. If you slip up, you’re out. They replace you and move on. Lately the boys at SMN have been so stressed out by mistakes made in past seasons that we dropped the ball and nearly botched up our timeline.

We almost ran Chapter 9 two years in a row. Its like last year sucked so bad we wanted a “do-over” but we don’t get one, we have to move on. Its supposed to be the 10 Year Anniversary of The SMN Swimsuit Calendar, not nine. After such a dark and depressing winter, we were so excited to hit the road and shoot some hot swimsuit models that we totally forgot about our big anniversary. If anyone is wondering why we aren’t making a fuss out of it…that’s why. We forgot our own birthday….we can’t even cry if we want to…we forgot to throw the party…. 🙁

They say mistakes happen for a reason, but we can’t figure out why we do half the stupid shit we do. On the plus side, it does give us a good excuse to incorporate mistakes into our theme this year. Mistakes are fun, yeah?

Anyway…on to the point of this post. We have another new batch of beautiful bikini babes for your viewing pleasure. If we’re gonna make mistakes, we’re honoured to have such a gorgeous group of girls to make them with. 😉

Check out our Finalists and help us choose our 2018 Cover Model. Stay tuned for Volume 7 of SMN Magazine as we delve deeper into the psychology of self sabotage. We didn’t get to blow the horns and sound the trumpets for our “Anniversary Tour,” but stay tuned for the Calendar Launch Parties. We’ll be trying to put together something special later this year.

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ADRIENNE VICTORIA | CALGARY                                                    ALEXIS SHARON | VANCOUVER


BROOKLYN LUSH | VICTORIA                                                           CHELSEA DAWN | CALGARY


DREA STYLES | VICTORIA                                                                     FRUSZINA DRENTYE | TORONTO


JUSTINA GREEN | EDMONTON                                                              KANDIS BEATON | CALGARY


KITTY SMALLS | VANCOUVER                                                             NATALIE GRENIER | TORONTO


RACHEL BULMAN | CALGARY                                                                    SAVANA SKY | EDMONTON

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Question for The Fans? What about you, have you made any big mistakes in your careers? Do you have any favourite mistakes?

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