Kanabliss and his brothers, Rob and James, were the first Canadian Rappers to welcome us into their world. We first met them in 2006 while working as a still photographer for Andy Hodgson and Mike Gurr (RIP) of Tigur Productions. That summer we got an inside look at the west coast hip-hop community and developed new found respect for Canadian Rappers that still holds today. Every time we make our way to Van we make sure to stop in Surrey at Urbanity Apparel to say whats up to the brothers. You should too.

Check out Kanabliss’ feature, still available in Volume 3 of SMN Magazine, Collector’s Edition.

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THROWBACK – Enjoy some classic Canadian hip-hop videos, directed by Andy Hodgson and produced by Tigur Productions (RIP Mike Gurr).

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Stay tuned for updates on more Canadian Rappers like Vic Vodka, Vago, Andres, and Chez Pablucci.

Who are some other Canadian Rappers we should feature?

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