HUMP-DAY HOTTIES | Fruzsina Drentye

Our second Hump-Day feature goes to another fresh face to the scene.  Hailing from Hungary, Fruzsina had just moved to Calgary a couple weeks before the auditions and shoot…and we’re sure glad she did… 😉

The truth is she didn’t fully understand what she was applying for. She found us on Kiji while looking for a job as a stylist.  She is a fully trained hair stylist and offered to do hair for the shoot.  Of course we said yes…..and we’re sure glad we did… 😉 😉

It was a hot and muggy day in Calgary, and the clouds threatened to rain on our parade. That didn’t stop Fruzsina from showing up…but it did seem to scare off the other models because all of them cancelled their shoots….but we’re kinda glad they did… 😉 😉 😉

We were upset at first, but when Fruzsi asked if she should shoot, we cheered right up.  She spoke very little English, but her accent was so sexy we kept babbling like school boys.  By the time we got to our favourite spot on the Bow River we were glad everyone else cancelled.  We got to spend the whole day alone with Fruzsina Drentye.

She already looked absolutely adorable in what she showed up in, but when she showed us the suits she had brought incase she could shoot, we started to get excited.  She was wearing a pink two piece  underneath already so we went straight to the river and a found a good spot. But when she dropped her booty shorts and shed the vest our jaws literally dropped, we were rendered speechless.  We actually asked her to put her clothes back on so we could concentrate while we got set up…

And yes, obviously she made it into the 2017 Calendar.  In the end the shoot went so smoothly it was uncanny.  They didn’t need to speak the same language to shoot.  There were those cute and awkward moments with mixed signals and misunderstood direction, but she is so naturally beautiful it wasn’t hard to get the shots we needed.  In the end, it did rain, but only as we were wrapping up already.

Happy Hump Day!

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