Bleed is a Horror themed band with a theatrical and bloody stage show. Often categorized as Death Metal, their sound reflects more elements of thrash and groove metal, with heavy riffs and dark vocals. The songs are more like stories or fables, dark and moody, tormented by pain, death and mutilation. The lyrics are loaded with religious themes, lust and vengence, torture and slavery. Their stage show is evolving with every performance, members are covered in blood, severed heads and limbs are kicked and thrown around. Seductive and demonic denizens of the dark dance and gyrate throughout the venue, hypnotizing the audience with their captivating cleavage. At which point the music and mayhem take over, driving the crowd into a ravenous rapture….or maybe I should just stay away from the beer in the red cups….I’m not sure…I think we had too much fun…

BLEED-wacken-2015-SMN W

— As much as they are becoming known for their stage shows, it’s just a way of having fun with their music and enhancing their sound. They still focus their priority on the music, and on maintaining the integrity of their sound. They want to entertain an audience, but they still take their music seriously. They pride themselves on being musicians and determined to deliver good music to their fans.

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Words by Justin Somers | Photography by Penny Vander-Heyden

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