— Resorts are always coming up with activities to encourage mingling among the guests and try to brighten everyone’s experience.  But no one expected an innocent foam party for the kids to turn into one of the craziest pool parties of the summer.

FOAM PARTY 244 W  As we were walking by, more kids were gathering around, when suddenly Watson and his crew from T-dot ran splashing into the pool, screaming at the top of their lungs.  “Foam Party!, Everybody in!”

We shed the suits faster than Clark in the booth and hit the water, Dom with camera in hand.  Everyone started dancing around in the waist-high water, kids, elderly and all.  Beers were cracked, more people kept filling the pool.  Ten minutes later The Death Crew hit the pool with bottles of Champagne and all hell broke loose.

I remember looking around, waiting for the resort security to shut us down.  But instead I see a young staffer jamming out over turntables and I realize I wasn’t just hearing music…I was hearing music!

  Somewhere in the chaos someone had set up tables and kicked the party into over drive.



Article by Justin Somers | Photography by Domonik

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