SMN: When did you first get into music and singing?

SAYA: My father is a singer, so it was already in my blood I guess.  I’ve always had a passion for singing but I never thought I would make a career out of it.

I got into fashion first, I did fashion shows at Spectrum De Montréal and Tohu.  Eventually I got back into music. I took 7 years of classical vocal training and started to write my own songs and design clothes that would fit with it!  I wanted to create an image, a persona. I work independently and I’m loving the freedom it brings me! I finally found my musical soul mate and we are writing fresh new tracks, I’m in love with this new vibe we are creating!

SMN: Who is “we”, who is this musical soul mate you speak of? 

SAYA: We are only two writers for this project. Me and John Bentley, a young producer very talented!  We met a year and a half ago. We had a friend in common who introduced us, as simple as that! I guess it was meant to be! He showed me his work and I was impressed. We did a track just for fun, to see how it would turn out… Our first song is on Soundcloud ” Hard And Young”

We really liked the result of our first collaboration and we decided to do a whole album! I usually come up with melody and lyrics and he’s writing the music, we work together.  We have great chemistry as a team, and it shows!


Interview by Justin Somers | Photography by Francois Nadeau

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