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I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH!   This year’s theme is pretty straight forward. Here at SMN, we’re children of the sun. Our office floor is covered in sand and our cubical walls are made from bamboo stalks wrapped in sheer white sheets. At least thats what we tell ourselves from 9-5….Is it Beach Time yet?

JENN TUCCI 2 W JENNI TUCCI | Edmonton                           Age; 24                                                            Height: 5’9                                                          Stats; 34-24-34                                                Birth Place; Chilliwack, BC

SMN: Is this your first time shooting with SMN? If so, how did you meet the crew?

JENNI: Yes! Just through Kijiji, actually.

SMN: Where did you guys go for your Audition Shoot, did you hit a beach? 

JENNI: No! we did not hit a beach. Went to a parking lot by the hotel. I liked the parkade for shooting. I totally should have brought more accessories to do different looks.

SMN: Do you have a fun Beach Adventure?

JENNI: I love the beach! Being in Edmonton I go to Pembina river lots and float down in a tube!

SMN: What’s your favourite Beach?

JENNI:  I haven’t been to too many beaches but I would love to be on a white sandy beach in Mexico or the caribbean! I love being out in the sun and enjoy the heat!

SMN: Do you have a bad Beach Experience?

JENNI: I went to go to a hidden gem this summer but unfortunately it had rained lots and the entire beach was under water!

SMN: What are your thoughts on Nude Beaches?

JENNI: Bodies are beautiful and a natural thing, all the power to nude beaches!

SMN: Have you ever been to a Nude beach? Would you go to a Nude beach?

JENNI: I have not, but I would go to one if the beach was nice!

SMN: If you could go to any beach in the world for a week, which one would it be?

JENNI: Anywhere hot where I could go surfing!




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