I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH!   This year’s theme is pretty straight forward. Here at SMN, we’re children of the sun. Our office floor is covered in sand and our cubical walls are made from bamboo stalks wrapped in sheer white sheets. At least thats what we tell ourselves from 9-5….Is it Beach Time yet?

This year we’ve narrowed the selection down to 12 of Western Canada’s hottest swimsuit models.      LIKE the pages to vote for your favourite models.

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LINLEY 481 W Linley Mussett, Edmonton                             Age : 26 5’6                                                        Stats: 34,24,36                                               Home Town: White Whiterock

SMN: Is this your first time shooting with SMN? 

LINLEY: Yes, this was my first time shooting with SMN. I had heard of the magazine and calendar contest through a model I know online, Taryn Maria. Even though we had never  worked together yet, we were fellow Bear Babes and she was nice enough to help me with my modelling page when I first started out. I recently saw that the contest was going on again and asked SMN if I could try out.

SMN: Where did you guys go for your Audition Shoot, did you hit a beach?

LINLEY: My audition shoot was in downtown Edmonton. It was partially in the Sutton Place hotel and then we hit up a cool spot overlooking downtown and the new arena. It might not have been a beach but it was a blast. The photog and I got along really well, made it easy to shoot, so id say the highlights were havin a laugh and listening to some tunes, gotta have the tunes. 

SMN: What’s your favourite Beach?

LINLEY: My favourite beach would have to be a white sand beach in Hawaii, I believe it was Mauna Kea Beach. The white sand stretched for miles. The water was that perfect Crystal clear blue and it was the perfect temperature.

SMN: Do you have a fun Beach Adventure?  

LINLEY: The best times at the beach are definitely with friends, having some drinks and obviously some shenanigans. One of my most memorable times was at the quarry outside of Victoria. We went 4x4ing and then floated on the water drinking and enjoying ourselves. There may have been some topless kissing with a burlesque dancer, I donno ?.

SMN: What’s your worst Beach Experience?

LINLEY: My worst beach adventure was , funny enough, also in Hawaii. My family and I went to a beach with surfer waves. There were a ton of people in the water, jumping along with the waves. As long as you were in this particular spot you were fine but if you got taken in with the waves, you ended up bathing suit-less and with sand in your mouth and eyes. Thats if you can get out of the wave at all! Lets just say with my dad there and being 14 it was pretty embarrassing. I can laugh about it now though haha.

SMN: If you could go to any beach in the world for a week, which one would it be?

LINLEY: If I could go to any beach right now I probably would haha but I would love to visit the floating hotels in bora bora where you can jump into the ocean every morning . That place is fucking beautiful.



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