Just to clarify, THIS IS A JOKE. The T-Shirt is real, and so is the drama. But no, we do not actually hate models. We’ve been working on this contest all week and have been held up by a couple of angry models and jealous boyfriends, death threats and bitchy texts.  Normally when there is a last minute fight with a model and she cancels, or if a telephone tough guy wants to throw down some useless threats,  we usually say “fuck that” run her content anyway and tell em both to beat it. But then again, we’re trying to turn a new page this year. There is no time to work on new photos for a new model for the contest, but we did come up with suitable substitute…



NEW SMN T-SHIRT $20.99 plus Shipping

SMN will be going through some changes over the course of this next year as we try and keep up and stay in the game. Somethings you might not like, and others we hope you will. With the SMN T-Shirts we are trying to work on designs that are more than just a hot girl on a t-shirt. We’re still new to this and we’re not the best, we agree. Some of the designs might seem childish or you don’t like our themes or the messages we are trying to get across, or maybe some are just stupid. Give us time, we’ll get better.

None of our designs are intended to offend or insult models, not even this one. All the girls this year have been wonderful and are amazing models, even the one the cancelled last minute.

Good luck to all our models in this year’s contest, and thank you to all our fans for your support.

Sincerely, The SMN Team

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