I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH!   This year’s theme is pretty straight forward. Here at SMN, we’re children of the sun. Our office floor is covered in sand and our cubical walls are made from bamboo stalks wrapped in sheer white sheets. At least thats what we tell ourselves from 9-5….Is it Beach Time yet?

This year we’ve narrowed the selection down to 12 of Western Canada’s hottest swimsuit models.      LIKE the pages to vote for your favourite models.

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Nichole Scott | Nukko Lake                          Age: 29                                                               Height: 5’3”                                                                    Stats: 35′ 25′ 36                                              Mixed Nationalities  100% Canadian         Hometown: Prince George

SMN: Hey Nikki!!!!!!!!   So…like…Is this your first time shooting with SMN? If so, how did you meet the crew?

NIKKI: Haha, hey dude!  No…not my first shoot with Dom. But actually I met Sloan Summers while working in Bahamas. She showed me her features in the magazine and I joined them in Kelowna later that year. We shot the 2014 Calendar together and man was it hot.

SMN: Where did you guys go for your Calendar Shoot, did you hit a beach?

NIKKI: Actually yeah, kinda. Dom was in town and I happen to have a rare evening off. We hit third beach just before sunset but neither of us realized it  was the night of the fire works in English Bay. We only shot for 20 minutes but by the time we were done we had to fight our way through the crowds just to get back.

SMN: What’s your favourite Beach? 

NIKKI: My favourite beach is Golden Rock Beach in Bahamas. Its so still and serene. Very clear and peaceful.

SMN: Do you have a fun Beach Adventure?  

NIKKI: Yeah all the time. This shoot with SMN was a fun beach adventure. Dom and I had to beat the clock. The sun was going down fast and the tide was rising but we nailed it. It was hilarious and frantic but hes so good at his job we got what we needed in 20 mins. Almost lost our clothes and camera eqipment to the tide. What a relief.

SMN: What’s your worst Beach Experience?

NIKKI: Theres bikinis and beer, ive never had a bad beach adventure. All of them are fun and unique. Have fun in the sun.

SMN: What are your thoughts on Nude Beaches, have you ever been to one?

NIKKI: Been to my share of nude beaches 😉  I like the unbridled nature of nude beaches. Its just so raw and exposed. Everyone isnt hiding or self concious. They just are who they are

SMN: If you could go to any beach in the world for a week, which one would it be?

NIKKI: Right now Id love to be back at Bondi beach surfing. Sitting on my board catching waves and smoking a Joint. 

NIKKI TEE POSTER 1 W               NIKKI TEE 1 W       NIKKI TEE 1 W



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