I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH!   This year’s theme is pretty straight forward. Here at SMN, we’re children of the sun. Our office floor is covered in sand and our cubical walls are made from bamboo stalks wrapped in sheer white sheets. At least thats what we tell ourselves from 9-5….Is it Beach Time yet?

This year we’ve narrowed the selection down to 12 of Western Canada’s hottest swimsuit models.      LIKE the pages to vote for your favourite models.

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Elizabeth Flowers | Kelowna, BC                            Age: 29                                                                 Height: 5’6                                                        Stats: 36,27,41                                               Nationality: Native American/ Canadian Birth place : Brampton, Ontario

SMN: Is this your first shoot with us?

LIZ: This is my first time shooting with SMN A friend of mine – Sloan- actually hooked me up with the gig and introduced me to everyone, Thank you Sloan!

SMN: Where did you guys go for your Audition Shoot, did you hit a beach?

LIZ: For my audition we went to a sweet area in Kelowna called Millcreek park. There was a waterfall, it was nice ? My shoot actually was super fast because I had to go to work, so definitely I would’ve liked to have given myself more time but I’m really glad that I got in and made it work with the time I had.


SMN: What’s your favourite Beach?

LIZ: My favourite “beach” Is along Okanagan Center in Lake Country, you can drive along the strip and just look for a secluded area and park your vehicle on the side of the road and go down to the water. It’s nice because there’s like no people and you can just chill there for the day with your friends and not be disturbed. My only complaint is that it’s pebbles instead of sand but you gotta do what you gotta do to get some privacy.

SMN: What are your thoughts on Nude Beaches, have you ever been?

LIZ: I am all for nude beaches! I think we need more of them, tan lines are the worst ? Definitely down to hit up a nude beach!

SMN: If you could go to any beach in the world for a week, which one would it be?

LIZ: If I could go to any beach in the world I’d probably go somewhere along the Dead Sea because it’s fricken sweet, and makes for an amazing photo shoot. Or there’s this Pink Lake in Australia that I’d also love to see.

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