POLINA BOLSHAKOVA | SMN’s 2017 Calendar Contest

I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH!   This year’s theme is pretty straight forward. Here at SMN, we’re children of the sun. Our office floor is covered in sand and our cubical walls are made from bamboo stalks wrapped in sheer white sheets. At least thats what we tell ourselves from 9-5….Is it Beach Time yet?

This year we’ve narrowed the selection down to 12 of Western Canada’s hottest swimsuit models.      LIKE the pages to vote for your favourite models.

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POLINA POSTER 627 W Name; Polina Bolshakova
City;Vancouver BC
Age; 24
Height:  5’6
Nationality; Russian
Birth Place; Vancouver

SMN: Welcome back Polina! Is this your second or shoot with SMN?

POLINA: Hi! Second time shooting with the crew! It was just as fun and exciting as last time we shot together! 

SMN: Where did you guys go for your Audition Shoot, did you hit a beach? 

POLINA:Actually, we shot on the apartment rooftop patio of my apartment! We didn’t have a set location planned and it turned out to be a wonderful day so we compromised and used the amazing views from the rooftop deck to shoot ! It was a lot of hard work but had a wonderful time doing it ! We were all so tuckered out at the end we lounged in the sun on the deck for some time, recapping the shoot. 

SMN: What’s your favourite Beach?

POLINA: My favourite beach is located near horseshoe Bay, called Whitecliff park. Its my favorite because it is very secluded, has lots of interesting little paths to hike and areas to sunbathe and swim, it feels like a whole different world when you’re there .

SMN: Do you have a fun Beach Adventure?

POLINA: I remember this one time when I was camping with my girlfriends on the edge of a lake . We hiked most of the way there and when we finally got there we didn’t even have time to set up the tents and just passed out in our sleeping bags on the edge of the lake and fell asleep! The next morning we woke up to a bunch of deer grazing on our camp food . We were pretty shocked to wake up next to a herd of deer but it definitely made it worth it ! Luckily we brought a lot of supplies with us. 


SMN: If you could go to any beach in the world for a week, which one would it be?

POLINA: I would love to go to Ibiza ! I hear it has some of the worlds most amazing beaches ! Light waters and the whitest sands! 


POLINA POSTER                            BC BABES TEE                                    BC BABES 2016 CALENDAR


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