SMN’s Sizzling Swimsuit Summer Series is back with another hot calendar in the works. Its been a rough winter at SMN Studios, one riddled with “technical difficulties.” Have you ever woken up and felt like you wanted to start the whole year over again?

We were determined to get it right this year, and definitely made the most of our West Coast Tour. We partied and shot our way through Edmonton, Calgary to Kelowna, Vancouver and back. It was a short but action packed two weeks with over 20,000 images, countless emails, messages and flashbacks to sort through. We have finally narrowed everything down to 12 drop dead finalist, and now we leave it up to you.

Click on the thumbnails below and vote for your favourite models. Hit the LIKE buttons to VOTE snag some merch to VOTE again.

                    FRUZSINA DRENTYE POSTER 280 W

POLINA BOLSHAKOVA                           CHELSEA BRENNAN                              FRUZSINA DRENTYE


LIZ FLOWERS                                            MARIA KAY                                               DAINA KODA

                  MEET MONTANA 2140 W   THIRD BEACH not THIRD BASE 57 W

LINLEY MUSSET                                  MONTANA ROBINS                                   NICHOLE SCOTT

                  FROM ASHES TO ASSES 267 W  

JESSICA SOLOMON                               SLOAN SUMMERS                                       ROOKIE ROUND

*ROOKIE ROUND!  Help us fill our last spot! We’ve had time to narrow it down to 3 new finalists to fill the last spot in our 2017 Swimsuit Calendar. Say hello to three more fresh new faces to Alberta’s modelling community. Click the thumbnails and VOTE for your favourites.


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